Wobble Tough Chew Ball Interactive Built-in Squeaker Training Grind Teeth For Dogs

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Type: Dogs
Material: Rubber
Toys Type: Chew Toys
SKU: 49826089


  • Squeaky
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Durable and Tough
  • Eco-friendly Material


  • This tough toy ball is made of premium eco-friendly vinyl, environmentally friendly, healthy for your pet.

  • Our dog ball has been tested by most power chewers plenty of times, while no toy is completely indestructible, this is certainly the closest one.

  • One of the good choices for a large and heavy chewer.

  • The novel and unique design, perfect size suitable for most size dog chewing.

  • The spiky circle design on the surface of the ball satisfies your dog's instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation, helps solve boredom and loneliness, overweight, chewing, barking problems, etc. for your dogs.

  • This grinding dog toy ball can help grind a dog's teeth both horizontally and vertically and improve your dog’s oral hygiene.

  • Chew toy ball that withstands playtime with small, medium, and large Breed. Squeaky toy ball is designed with a built-in squeaker that creates fun sounds during rolling and shaking, like 'Good boy!

  • Play with me!', by arousing our dog’s curiosity and instinct to play with giggling sounds, allowing the dog to release excess energy and keep fit.

  • When the dog staying in the home, you can let your dog entertain itself by chasing and playing with the toy ball, the sound will attract the dog's attention.

  • which can reduce the dog's destructive behavior, protect the home shoes, socks, sheets, sofa are not afraid of a dog bite.

  • Your naughty active dogs will love it to kill the boring time.

  • This dog toy is not only suitable for indoor use but perfect for outdoor use when it's nice outside, you can take your dog out to a grassy area, interacting with dogs, play throwing and catching games.

  • To train the dog's jumping and reaction abilities, increase your feelings with your dog, and improve your dog’s intelligence during exercise, make it enjoy the fun of healthy exercise.