Sturdy Rubber Interactive Non-toxic Lightweight Pet Rope Toy Teething For Dogs

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Type: Dogs
Material: Rubber, cotton
Toys Type: Chew Toys
SKU: 41124476


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Food grade Rubber


  • 100% Safe Natural Rubber Material: The interactive dog toys are made of 100% natural rubber and cotton rope which will be safe for your pets.

  • Even if a pet accidentally eats it, it can be excreted through normal excretion

  • With Rope Design & More Fun Of Chewing: Special design of adding cotton rope to rubber football toy itself allows your dog to have more bite experience.

  • Dogs can bite rubber football or bite the cotton rope to shake the football, which will not only increase the interest of your dog but also allow him/her to get better exercise and be healthier

  • Daily Entertainment & Relieve Anxiety: Adding Daily Entertainment to your pets, Relieve the depression, boredom and anxiety when they are alone.

  • It can also reduce the chance of your pet to bite sofa, shoes, etc.

  • which can keep your home clean and tidy

  • Teeth Clean & Keep Health: The dog chewers toys is good for your pet to keep teeth cleaning and aggressive, With a small bell inside the toy.

  • It will make a sound when the pet is playing, which can increase the pet's interest in playing, pets will increase exercise to maintain weight and health by playing the toy

  • Small Lightweight & Durable Design: The Durable dog toy has a small, lightweight football design, which is perfect for small, middle, large dogs.

  • It is easy for you to wash the toy with Handwash/dishwasher wash