Strong Toy Long-lasting Teething Nontoxic Quality Training Game Dental Care For Dogs

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Type: Dogs
Material: Rubber
Toys Type: Chew Toys
SKU: 49554283


  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique Design


  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Made of bite-resistant and non-toxic material. Durable enough for dog chewing and also harmless to dogs' health.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN:  The shape of the Caterpillar chew toy makes dogs more excited, keeps puppies busy while satisfying their natural urge to chew.

  • The size is very suitable for small dogs, and medium breeds. Make your pets be happy and happy no matter outdoors or inside.

  • DURABLE&LONG-LASTING:  The chew toys are tough and Interactive, can last for weeks. helps satisfy puppy's instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation.

  • Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development, emotions and behavior.

  • By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this treat-dispensing puzzle toy helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, and barking.

  • BEST TEETHING PROTECT: As the small puppy grows, itching of the teeth will force them to bite to relieve discomfort.

  • Medium dogs will also be relieved by biting things because they are too energetic to release.

  • These chew toys will keep jaws strong and gums massage, effectively promote oral health by gnawing or bite.

  • And helps reduce discomfort during the teething period. also, Reduce the situation of furniture being bitten. perfect gift for dog teething.