Smart Sensing Interactive Automatic Electronic Snake Teasing Play USB Rechargeable For Cats

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Toys Type: Snake Animal Toys
Type: cats
Material: Plastic
SKU: 47641524


  • Interactive
  • self-playing
  • Sensing Snake
  • Built-in Catnip
  • Color Led Light
  • USB Rechargeable


  • Turn on the switch S-type crawling. When encountering obstacles, the eyes will flash and will automatically turn back and turn, the tongue can be stretched.
  • The tail swings, and it will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. Tap the snake head to enter the playing state.
  • Snake will fun for Halloween Christmas party tricks as a prankster, for everyone's sake as soon as you come up with a really good scheme
  • the realistic plastic body texture makes the 3D naja cobra snake toy look super lifelike; segmented body for excellent slithering action. Great fun for pets and children.
  • Charging instructions: The charging time is 40 minutes. Connect the USB to the charging port, when the red light flashes, it means charging