New Electric Automatic Lifting Cat Ball Interactive Puzzle Smart Ball Teaser Toy For Cats

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Type: cats
Toys Type: Electric Ball
Material: Plastic
SKU: 39459090


  • Easy to play
  • Unique design
  • Automatic on/off
  • Simple installation
  • Automatic lift and drop
  • Electronic Motion Cat Toy


  • Unique Design: Appearance like a listening to a small cat simple atmosphere upper class.
  • Easy to Play: The cat can play by itself without affecting your work. (this product needs to be equipped with two AAA batteries, but product does not contain battery).
  • Simple Installation: Clip it on the desktop, clip it on the cat table to play with the cat, take the cat to exercise.
  • Automatic Turn Off: When the toy is triggered, it can be turned off automatically for about 5 minutes, or the button can be turned off again during the operation of the toy.
  • Replaceable: The hair ball can be replaced with other toys, your cat will fall in love with it.