Natural Sisal Durable Mat Non-Slip Hanging Kitten Scratching Board For Cats

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Type: Cats Scratching Mat
Material: Sisal
SKU: 48525168


  • Durable
  • Non-Slip
  • Hanging Mat
  • Protects Carpets, Sofas and Furniture


  • Environmental Friendly Material: Our cat scratcher mat is made of premium biodegradable and natural sisal, scratch-resisting, non-toxic, environmental, and cat friendly.

  • For more stable performance, we have equipped four rug grippers to help fix the mat to make your pet play more fun.

  • It is a professional cat scratching pad.

  • Widely Used: The mat can be hung or simply put on the floor for your pets to scratch.

  • This scratching mat can well meet your cat's natural scratching instinct and effectively protect their nails, and it also help to protect the sofa, carpet and other furniture from being damaged.

  • The mat is not only can be used as a scratching mat, but also can be used as your cat play, litter or sleeping mat.

  • Easy to Clean:  Rather than scratching cardboard, these scratcher mats do not leave any paper scraps after cat grinding claws.

  • Just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris on carpet surface easily.

  • Cat Hobby Design: This cat claws care mat comes with a toy mouse, satisfies the cat's hobbies like rolling, stretching, and scratching, allowing kitties to stretch the body.

  • It allows your kitten to entertain itself for hours to achieve the purpose of exercise and reduce loneliness.

  • Help cats keep fit and healthy. Besides, just putting it in the room to decorate your room is very cute.