Interactive Toy Treat Dispenser Durable Non-toxic Pet Chew Toy Fun Flying Disc Puzzle Slow Feeder Food Ball For Dogs

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Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Toys Type: Interactive Toys
SKU: 35340816


  • Safe
  • Puzzle
  • Bite Resistant
  • Food Dispensing


  • DOG UFO TREAT TOY:  Treat dispensing dog toy is designed to keep your dogs busy, giving your dogs a dispensing toy to work out to exercise their brains, they're perfect for dogs who make mischief when they're bored.

  • UNIVERSAL FOR DOGS & CATS:  Large capacity of treat dispenser is super durable and bite-resistant, not only can put dog's food inside, but also attract a cat's interest.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION:  Treat dispensing toys are also useful if your dog eats too quickly, as the toys often force them to eat one bite at a time.

  • This treat toy can be played outside as a flying disc, one toy with multiple functions.

  • PERFECT FOR DOGS TRAINING: Easy to take apart for filling and cleaning.

  • This treat dispenser toy rewards your furry friends for indoor playing, training, chasing and keep them mentally active.

  • ENHANCE DOGGIE PLAYTIME:  Interesting movement keeps pets get entertained, they learn to play with the toy by themselves, which can effectively improve pet's IQ.