Interactive Toy Safe Windmill Treat Dispensing Durable Powerful Suction Cup Slow Feeder For Cats/Dogs

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Toys Type: Interactive Toy
Type: cats
Material: Plastic
SKU: 46691915


  • Dog and Cat Puzzle Toy: This toy can improve the pet's intelligence, slow down the pet's eating speed, and effectively protect the pet's dietary health.

  • Remove the soft rubber lip on the top and add food or snacks with the included spoon.

  • When the pet flaps this toy, the snacks will fall from the food holes, arousing the pet's interest.

  • Creative Treat toy: The bin of the toy is a windmill, which can rotate vertically and the entire toy can also be rotated horizontally.

  • When it rotates, its direction is uncertain, snacks will randomly drop, and the bell inside will also make a sound.

  • It is interesting while pets play with it . This toy is only suitable for dry food

  • Powerful Suction Cup: The large suction cup can be sucked to any surface, such as wooden floors, doors, windows, walls, metal bowls, and can be placed vertically or horizontally.

  • Slow Feeder: You can stick the puzzle toy to a bowl as a slow feeder, so that the pet can eat slower and healthier.

  • or stick it to the refrigerator or the floor as a treat dispenser, making feeding more fun.

  • Safe and Durable: The toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS and TPR materials, sturdy and durable, and will not be damaged by pets.

  • It is easy for pets to learn to play with this toy, and will increase their exercise during playing and eating.

  • which can improve their physical fitness and activate their emotions.

  • 1. Wipe the bottom of the suction cup and the surface to be sucked

          2. Press down the suction cup to squeeze out the air in it

          3. As a food toy sucked on a smooth wall or floor

          4. Can be sucked on the dish or bowl as a slow feeder