Interactive Floppy Fish Bell Kitten Toy For Indoor Nontoxic Realistic Wiggle Fish Kitties Chew For Cats

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Toys Type: Interactive Toy
Type: cats
Material: Short Plush
SKU: 48525166


  • Safe
  • Bell
  • Short Plush
  • Manual Control


  • Catnip Cats Toy: The fish cat toy has catnip inside. As we know catnip will emit a fragrance that stimulates your cat's strong interest.

  • Cat wand attachments with string will get your cats excited and stimulate hunting instinct, making them darting and jumping, crazy with joy!

  • Your cat can also bite, chew and kick it. The bell can make play more enjoyable.

  • Interactive Fish Cat Toy: This catnip toy gives you more opportunities to interact endlessly with your beloved pets.

  • Build up the intimate relationship between pet parents and their kittens while playing with this toy.

  • Once you press the airbag on the top of the rope, the fish toy will automatically wag and make a sound, not only attracting your cat to play and kick, but also attracting your kids' attention and to catch.

  • Safety Toy: The fish cat toy is durable, safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly which is made of high-quality polyester plush.

  • there is no harm to cats or people, please rest assured that playing happily with cats. What's more, the catfish toy doesn't have a battery and is clean easily.

  • Manual Control: This fluff toy is hand control which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries.

  • By manual airbags to swing the fishtail or pull this catnip toy to move and jump.

  • And when you under pressure, you also can squeeze the airbag to release the pressure.

  • Good Gifts: The best gifts for you to play with your cats whatever indoor or outdoor.

  • The moving fish cat toy is realistic and funny. Your cats will absolutely fall in love with it.

  • Not only you can play with your pet, but also when you leave your cat alone at home, It can also play with this toy by itself.

  • This vivid flopping fish dog toy will bring your cat a lot of pleasure.