Interactive Ball Electric Catnip Kitten Scratch Ball Foam Plush Wool Smart Toy For Cats

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Toys Type: Catnip Toy
Type: cats
Material: Plush, EVA, wool
SKU: 45030015


  • Catnip
  • Sound Toy
  • interactive
  • Plush balls
  • Eva foam ball
  • Plush cat toy
  • Electric Cat ball


  • Interactive Cat Toy Balls Pet Electric Catnip Kitten Toys Cat Scratch Balls Funny Toys Foam Plush Wool Smart Pet Toys for Cats.
  • Catnip can be added: Open the lid, you can add catnip to the ball, which can attract the cat's attention. (Does not include Catnip)
  • Cat interactive toys : The cry of animals can more effectively stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct, and the gift of cat toy can better attract the cat.
  • Simulate the real sounds of animals: Three different sounds, frogs, crickets, and birds; smart touch sounds, about 10,000 sounds.
  • (Reminder: When there is no sound, please slam the bottom plate vigorously to solve the problem of no sound. If the problem is not solved, contact us and we can help you solve the problem.)