Funny Teaser Durable Hand-free Adjustable Footwear Spring Feather Interactive For Cats

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Toys Type: Feather Toys
Type: cats
Material: feather
SKU: 50315249


  • Durable
  • Hand-free
  • Adjustable
  • High elastic Spring
  • Can be worn on the foot


  • In the process of interacting with the owner, it can increase the happiness of the cat, relieve the anxiety of the cat's daily boredom.
  • so that the cat will not have the habit of destroying the family's furniture and clothes any more.
  • lt can also free the owner's hands, allowing the owner to tease the cat and relax himself.
  • This product is a multifunctional interactive cat teaser toy that increases the intimacy between the owner and the cat during the interactive playing.