Feather Toy Interactive Indoor Bell Tumbler Design Leaks Food Function Easy Operation Kitty Exercise For Cats

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Toys Type: Feather Toys
Type: cats
Material: Plastic
SKU: 49869079


  • Bell
  • Improve IQ
  • Tumbler Design
  • Food-dispensing


  • Cat Interactive Feather Toy: We have conducted a lot of cat feather toy tests. This product is developed according to the size and preferences of cats.

  • it is very popular with cats and is suitable for Kitten and big cat

  • Cat Toys Design function: We use Tumbler Design with Bell and Leaking food Function, with two feathers. Feathers can arouse great fun for the cat.

  • No matter how the cat pats the toy, it will not fall down. At the same time, the base of the cat toy can hold cat food.

  • Food will flow out when the toy is tilted, and there is a bell on the top of the toy.

  • The sound of the bell when the cat is playing will also arouse the cat’s interest and meet the cat’s playing and eating needs

  • Cat Interactive Toys easy to use: we did not use electric design, because the electric drive problem of current electric cat toys is not well solved, and it is easy to malfunction.

  • We use conventional design and never worry about the toy without electricity. At the same time, its tumbler function is better.

  • Easily arouse cat's interest, with vocalization, swinging, eating, feathering

  • Cat Feather Toys: This cat fur toy is matched with the cat’s favorite feather. You can match it with plush chicks or plush birds according to your cat’s preferences to keep your cat fresh at all times.

  • You can also for Cat DIY some special objects

  • Safe and secure Cat Toys: Our toys are made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials and do not contain BPA.

  • According to statistics, every cat has great fun with feathers. This toy satisfies all the needs of cats and is difficult to malfunction.