Electric Moving Fish Interactive Flopping Lobster Catnip Realistic Catnip Kicker Toy For Cats

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Toys Type: Mice & Animal Toys
Type: cats
Material: Cloth
Applies to: Cat dogs Kitten kitty
SKU: 49283148


  • Catnip
  • Fish Toy
  • Automatic
  • USB charger
  • Rechargeable
  • Electric Moving Fish
  • Interactive Flopping Lobster


  • 500mAh large capacity battery: The latest upgraded motor, 500mAh large capacity battery, longer use time, low noise, more gentle swing range, won't scare your lovely.
  • Built-in touch sensor, touch to activate, intelligent standby. There is a USB interface on the motor, you can use the attached USB charging cable to charge the toys.
  • Premium Durable Fabric: The fish toy is made of newly 600D high-density Oxford fabric, super durable and perfect for cats to bite, chew and kick.
  • The lobster toy is made of baby toys level plush fabric.
  • Upgraded motor: Lower noise, gentler swing, and is more friendly to your cat.
  • Charging safety: The safety-certified USB cable makes the toy safer when charging.
  • Realistic fish toy: Stimulate the cat's hunting instinct, and safely meet the cat's need to chew.
  • 100% organically-grown catnip pack: High-quality organically grown catnip is grated and made into catnip pack, we are committed to providing your cat with the safest happiness.
  • Charging Instructions: When charging, the indicator light of the mechanism is red, when fully charged, the indicator light is green.

How to Use:

  • Unzip the fish belly/open the Velcro on the lobster's belly, push the switch to the "ON" state.
  • Give the electric fish and lobster to your cat. When your cat TOUCHES the toy, the toy will make a sound, move and swing automatically.
  •  The toy swings about 15 seconds, and then intelligent STANDS BY, automatically save battery life, let your cat enjoy longer playing time.
  • When your cat touches the toy again, the toy's tail enters the next swing mode. There are 3 swing modes.
  • Turn the switch to "OFF" after playing to save power.