Durable Pet Treat Toy Nontoxic Slow Feeding Puzzle Tumbler No-Battery Interactive Food Dispensing For Dogs/Cats

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Type: Dogs/Cats
Material: Plastic
Toys Type: Interactive Toys
SKU: 43704005


  • Durable
  • Food-grade
  • No Battery
  • Easy to Use
  • Slow Feeding
  • Unique Design
  • IQ Improvement


  • GRANARY COVER:  Rotate the upper cover horizontally, you can choose to open/close the leakage function.

  • LEAKAGE HOLE: Drop snacks, increase pets' interest in playing, improve lQ.

  • TOY MAIN BODY :  The bottom of the main body is equipped with a counterweight, which can be shaken back and forth automatically under the external force of pets, and the toy will not fall.

  • TOY WHEELS: Toy wheels on both sides can be moved back and forth