Bone Shape Puzzle Slow Feeding Interactive Pet Toy For IQ Training Mental Enrichment Treat Dispensing For Dogs

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Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Toys Type: Interactive Toys
SKU: 48820962


  • Non-toxic
  • IQ Training
  • Slow Feeding
  • Easy to Install
  • Food Dispensing


  • Difficulty-Level Adjustable:  Are you worried about whether this enrichment toy for dogs is too difficult or too easy for your pet?

  • By taking off some slider parts, you can make this dog puzzles simpler; instead, by installing all the slider parts, it will increase this dog puzzle's difficulty level to the hardest for smart dogs.

  • Slowly increase the difficulty level, and find the right level to excite your pet.

  •  Slow Feeder:  More than 50% of pets have obesity which directly increases the risks of heart disease and other health issues, and overeating became the first cause of obesity for pets.

  • This situation can be relieved once your pet use this food puzzles for dogs, it can significantly extend the length of feeding time by 6-9 times.

  • Upgraded Editioned:  Compared to other products on the market, upgraded new edition dog brain-stimulating toys have more food storage holes.

  • and the bright colors can instantly grab pets' attention, generating more joy for your pets.

  • Brain Stimulating: This puzzle toy for dogs can keep them busy, and can improve Dogs' IQ. Our puppy puzzle toys provide a fun way for dogs treating, and this interactive game can enhance the bond between your pets, bring more positive energy for pets.

  • Durable & Safe & Easy to Clean: This dog puzzle toy for large dogs is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly and BPA-free PVC materials, which is durable and easy to clean.

  • After using it, oil stains can be easily washed with soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly and then let it dry naturally.

  • Besides, this dog mental stimulation toys' material is strong enough during daily use, let your dog release the energy freely.


1. Unscrew the two middle screws counterclockwise with a screwdriver

2. Pry down the four clips around the screw

3. Adjust the number of sliders according to the pet's Adaptation

4. Redo the steps above oppositely to reassemble