Automatic Smart Ball Interactive Catnip USB Rechargeable Self-Rotating Colorful LED Feather Bells For Cats

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Toys Type: Catnip Toys
Type: cats
Material: Plastic
SKU: 50801273


  • Catnip Toy
  • Interactive
  • USB Charging
  • self-playing
  • Self-Rotating
  • Color Led Light


  • Keep your cat active, healthy and happy
  • The Home Run Pet Cat Toy Ball is an intelligent, fun, and interactive toy that helps encourage kitty to chase and exercise, eliminate boredom and reduce stress.
  • Cats of all ages will love chasing this smart toy ball.
  • The self-moving pet toy with built-in led red light and attached bell will make your cat more excited and unleash their instinct as predators.
  • It's easy to operate or switch modes with a simple button.
  • Regular & Smart Modes: In Regular Mode (Red Light Stays On), the Home run pet Cat toy ball keeps running and rolling for 8 minutes and turns off automatically when time is up.
  • In Smart Mode (Red Light Flashes), the interactive ball starts to run and roll after being touched by our furry friends.
  • Enters a standby mode until the next time someone touching them again.
  • SELF ROTATING CAT TOYS for INDOOR CATS INTERACTIVE: Captivate your kitty's attention and keep them entertained while you are away with the Home Run Pet cat toy ball that randomly self rotates with spinning led red light.
  • AUTO ON/OFF: Easy switch regular mode or smart mode for hands-free fun. In regular mode, the ball will automatically turn off after 8 minutes to give your kitten a break; In smart mode.
  • It goes into sleep mode instead after 8 minutes rolling and will operate again when touched.
  • Set to the smart mode when you are away, and provides your kitten continuous exercise and fun.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Comes with 2 AAA batteries, which last 20 times longer than button batteries and provides up to 25 days of fun time for your furry friend.
  • 2 Color Light Modes and USB Rechargeable Kitten Toys: Two color modes design, the ball can be switched from red light and RGB color changing light, quickly catch your kitties attention when rolls.
  • USB Rechargeable design, no need to spend money buying a battery, charging 1.5 hours can provide up to 4 hours of entertainment and exercise for your kitten.
  • Save your money and more environment friendly.

Upgraded USB Charging & Large Battery Capacity: 

  • USB rechargeable design. No need to replace batteries.
  • Built in high quality lithium battery, 1.5H charging time supports 4 hours fun time.
  •  45 mins auto power off, will not consume too much energy of your kitty.

Attract Cats Attention: 

  • Come with feather, bell and plush balls accessories to attract the cat's attention when your cat playing with it.
  • Motiving your cat's hunting instinct, let your cat get more exercise while chasing, prevent from obesity and boredom.

Funny Cat Toys with Feather & Bell Accessories to Avoid boredom:

  • Attached the funny accessories like feather, plush balls and bell to attract your cat's attention when they playing.
  • Stimulate your cat's hunting instincts and get your cat more exercise during the chase to prevent obesity and boredom.
  • This is the best cat toys choice when you leave your cat alone at home.